The Last Prince of Atlantis

by Leonard Clifton

Author brings a lost city into life via a brilliantly told tale in
The Last Prince of Atlantis!

In a single day and night of misfortune, the city of Atlantis sank in the middle of the ocean. This is what Plato wrote in one of his dialogues, “Timaeus and Critias." Throughout classical antiquity and the modern times, the existence of the city said to be swallowed by the vast waters of the Atlantic has been the subject of several debates.

Allen King is a fifteen-year-old Black American living in a blue collar family in Miami, Florida. Allen immediately discovers after finding a crystal necklace that he’s an alien hybrid prince of ancient royalty. Suddenly things change as the shy teenager becomes a strong leader by having the power of telepathy and teleportation besides communicating with sea animals. Allen is aided by a beautiful young Greek Goddess, two orphan teens and his boisterous uncle. Together while keeping the Earth safe they fight Allen’s immortal enemies as they try to restore his kingdom, the lost city of Atlantis.